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Premiere: John Clark & Harry Waters – ‘Sea Oddity’
Harry Waters & John Clark Release ‘Sea Oddity’ Album


Joined in lucid dreams by The StickFolk band of bugs,
John Clark shares the story of Hoppy and his mystical
journey from a midwestern pasture to CiCaDiA, bug heaven.

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The master of imagination returns with a ukulele-driven album set to mark the upcoming birth-date of his daughter. This is something completely different yet again. These compositions combine organic brightness and layers upon layers of colour and delicate detail, to create something that is all at once ambient and lightly energizing... read more


Stickfolk Dream Pt.1 kicks off this project from songwriter John Clark – a dramatic and haunting way to begin, setting the scene effectively for the colour and chaos that will follow, though leading you astray somewhat when it comes to the joyful acoustic delicacy of the following song Hoppy. Nothing is ever quite as it seems on this album... read more